Four Fulfilling Careers You Can Pursue with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

Congratulations on pursuing a stellar college career. That’s an awesome direction to have, even if you have no idea what you ultimately want to major in. If you are exploring your options, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing is a good way to further a career in the medical field.

RN to BSN program

If your work led you into healthcare via RN certification, something like an RN to BSN program can help you land a better, more fulfilling career. In this article, we cover four rewarding careers that you can pursue with a BSN.

1. Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses have a keen knowledge of the development, growth, and conditions of children from birth to adulthood. They help kids through the healthcare process by taking temperatures, attending to medication distribution, and listening to concerns.

2. Critical Care Nurse

Critical care nurses have to work in chaotic, stressful environments, such as ICUs and emergency rooms. They will see a wide variety of patients, most with critical, life-threatening injuries or conditions. These nurses are on the front lines with medical doctors when health concerns arise.

3. Nurse Manager

This position is as much an office job as it is an on-your-feet job. As a nurse manager, you will maintain patient and staff satisfaction, nurse schedules, and ensure quality care is maintained throughout your wing of the hospital or in a doctor’s office.

4. Nurse Educator

In this position, you are the educator for nurses-to-be. You will teach students the ins and outs of becoming a nurse. The position changes depending on your areas of expertise.

These four career suggestions are rewarding and fulfilling with a significant pay increase and more perks from RN to BSN. When contemplating your college career, especially within the medical field, this list is a good place to start.